Safe Micromobility Platform

Get noticed with ZooZ

Autotalks’ ZooZ platform provides a glimpse into the future of micro mobility safety, addressing the growing number of cyclist fatalities. 75% of bike and scooter accidents are caused by drivers failing to notice the cyclists. ZooZ aims to solve this by getting drivers to notice the cyclists and vice versa.

The ZooZ platform is composed of a ZooZ device installed on the bike or scooter, alerting when a V2X vehicle is endangering the cyclist, and a ZooZ smart sign, lighting up when a ZooZ device is approaching an intersection.

V2X is the perfect technology for micro mobility safety. It is the only wireless safety technology capable of connecting bikes and scooters to the vehicle safety network. As opposed to all other vehicle sensors, V2X can reliably detect cyclists obstructed by other vehicles.

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