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Fully-integrated V2X SoC

TEKTON3 is a complete V2X sensor addressing existing Day1 and future Day2 use-cases.
Capable of the most advanced use cases, TEKTON3 will be able to save road users’ lives in
even the most complex scenarios.

TEKTON3 embeds Day1 and Day2 radios operating concurrently. Day1 radio supports either LTE-V2X (C-V2X Rel. 14/15) or DSRC. Day2 radio supports either 5G-V2X (C-V2X Rel. 16/17/18) or DSRC+ (IEEE802.11bd). Both radios are using two antennas with full transmit and receive diversity.

Day2’s main use case is cooperative perception, which means that a vehicle can ‘see’ what the other vehicle is ‘seeing’. When two vehicles share information they receive, they have even better road awareness.

TEKTON3-based system can achieve ISO26262 ASIL B functional safety certification, making it the first V2X that can support automatic braking.
TEKTON3 provides the highest reliability with automotive qualification at 105° ambient temperature.

TEKTON3 integrates V2X software for cost optimization. This allows for reduced development  integration, and certification efforts and the quickest time to market. 

TEKTON3 embeds all required V2X security functions with ultra-low-latency V2X Hardware Security Module (eHSM) and hardware verification.

The device is uniquely capable of global operation, supporting all requirements for the US, Europe, and China. 

First samples are expected to be available in early 2023.